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NO3. Big help, big help. Kayden 2016-08-15
Big help, big help. And suevtlaripe news of course.
NO4. New, and the two ano Quiana 2016-08-14
New, and the two anonymouses next to him:The reason we fear ourselves is because we know nothing between turning the other cheek and Auschwitz.A reverse dhimmitude, a reverse Pact of Omar, a reverse devshirme would be a good middle-way. It is very hard to counter by the Leftards, as they extol Al-Andalus. Sicily in the same time frame is a good example how such could be domt.Renigraeion, although natural to the average decent European, is unacceptable to Globalists and Anti-Racists of all stripes. It would leave Europe too White, too Christian.
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