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5800 Refrigerated Sampler

1. Configuration list
Serial number
Part name
Refrigerated equal scale automatic water quality sampler
ISCO 5800
24 bottles - 1 liters of polypropylene plastic bottles
Instructions for use in English
Sampling pump
1. Product description
The 5800 type refrigerated sampler is a scheme for Isco to respond to strict water quality monitoring requirements. It has a user friendly control interface and excellent field wit, which is the first choice for the fixed sampling application of municipal and industrial sewage treatment.
In addition to simple control and field programmable, it also has a unique slide - out bottle frame designed to avoid the inconvenience of users bending over the sample. The type 5800 sampler extends Isco's standards against harsh climate and corrosion. Its solid double layer linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
Advanced water sample delivery system
The 5800 type sampler is equipped with a Isco durable high performance peristaltic pump. Even if the vertical height of the sample is 7.6 meters, the linear transmission speed of the water sample can reach 0.6 m / sec of the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The Isco pump counter and the liquid detector ensure the accuracy of the sampling volume. The replacement pump is simple and quick, without tools. In the process of replacement, the pump is automatically cut off to ensure the safety of the operator.
Sampling mode
The time - equivalent
The time - variable (and flow proportional sampling)
The amount of - change (and flow proportional sampling)
Standard function
The mixed or bottle sampling
The operating temperature range (-29 to 49 degrees C), no additional heater
The four digital alarm output
The 4-20 and mA DC input pulse flowmeter
The strength of the compressor: high efficiency, high refrigeration performance
The program can store 4
The lifting handle for easy installation
The display indicates the error occurred
Three. Technical parameters
Instrument parameters
Size (high * width * inner diameter)
Protection grade:
NEMA 4X, 6 (IP67)
83.5 kilograms
Program memory:
Nonvolatile ROM
Refrigerated cabinet
Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
Flowmeter signal input:
Isco flow meter: 5 to 15 volt DC pulse signal or 25 millisecond isolation contact closed non Isco flowmeter: 4-20 mA input
Power Supply
115-220V communication, 50 or 60HZ
Digital alerts:
4 road output (available); 5 volt 100 Ma
Operating temperature
From 29 degrees below zero to zero 49 degrees (when the temperature is below zero below 18 degrees, the corresponding time of the display may be president. "
Mixed sampling number:
Programmable 1 to 999 water samples (available)
Inlet pipe length, material and inner diameter
1 meters to 30 meters; vinyl coated Teflon or polyethylene; 9mm
Sampling frequency:
(1) timing: according to system clock time, sampling time, time and so on: 1 minutes to 99 hours, 59 minutes (1 minutes interval), 3% flow rate: 1 to 9999 times flow pulse interval.
Pump life
1 million pump times
Sampling mode:
And so on and so on; and so on; and so on and so on; change and so on - etc. (the flow mode is controlled by the external flowmeter pulse)
Maximum vertical sampling height
8.5 meters
Water sample volume:
10 to 9990 milliliters (available, 1 milliliter interval)
Typical repeatability
5 ml of positive or negative, or an average of + 5% of the average capacity of a set of water samples for the large person (sampling vertical height of 7.6 meters)
Sample retrial:
Automatically retry 3 times when the water sample is not detected.
Typical precision:
10 milliliters, or 10% of the variable volume, are based on the big one (sampling vertical height of 7.6 meters)
Counter blow times:
Automatic back blow before sampling, 3 times cleaning suction pipe (available)
Typical pipeline speed
The vertical height of sampling vertical height is 0.9 meters and the vertical height of 3.1 meters is 4.6 meters in vertical height. 0.91 M / sec 0.87 M / sec 0.83 M / sec
Controller self check function:
RAM, ROM, pump, display panel, and distributor test
Liquid detector:
Non - contact, non - conductive sensor: detecting the time of water sample arriving at the pump body to automatically compensate the change of head height