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 FLIR GF300/GF320 is a gas imaging (OGI) infrared thermal imager. It can display and accurately find the leakage point of volatile organic compounds without stopping operation. This portable thermal imager can detect leakage outside safety distance, which greatly ensures the safety of operators. Besides, it can also track environmental hazards and has environmental benefits. GF300/GF320 is suitable for industrial areas, such as refineries, natural gas processing plants, offshore oil and gas exploitation platforms, chemical / chemical industries, biogas plants and power stations.

*main performance
Real-time visualization of gas leakage
Omni-directional calibration for the application of temperature measurement
Add GPS data to the report
The testing process does not affect conventional production
Shorten the detection time
Tracking leakage source
Near or a few meters away from the gas leakage
Repair verification
Quick generation Report
The FLIR GF infrared thermal imager can record the generated images to any common VCR to achieve fast archiving and recording.

According to third party laboratory experiments, FLIR GF300/320 can detect more than 400 kinds of VOCs gases, such as the following common gases:

• Methane 甲烷 
• Ethanol 乙醇 
• Ethylbenzene 乙苯 
• Heptane 庚烷 
• Hexane 己烷 
• Isoprene 异戊二烯 
• Methanol 甲醇 
• MEK 丁酮 
• MIBK 甲基异丁基甲酮 
• Octane 辛烷 
• 1-Pentene 1-戊烯 
• Toluene 甲苯 
• Xylene 二甲苯 
• Butane 丁烷 
• Ethane 乙烷 
• Propane 丙烷 
• Ethylene 乙烯 
• Propylene 丙烯 
• Benzene 苯 

technical parameter
Imaging performance and optical parameters
The focal plane array (FPA) / wavelength range of refrigeration InSb InSb detector / 3.2 - 3.4 m
Angle of view (FOV) / short focal length lens: 14.5 degrees 14.5 degrees 10.8 degrees from X / 0.5m to 24 degree lens: 24 * 18 DEG / 0.3 M
F- number 1.5
Auto focus (click) or manual (electric focus or lens focus)
Zoom 1 to 8 times continuous digital zoom
Digital image enhancement and denoising filter, high sensitivity mode (HSM)
Infrared image resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Thermal sensitivity /NETD <15 mK @ +30 = C
Sensor cooling Stryn refrigerators (FLIR MC-3)
Electronic devices and data transmission rates
Full frame frequency 60 Hz
Precision FLIR GF300: -
FLIR GF320: temperature range (0-100 degree C) + 1 degree C or temperature range readings (>+100 C) + 2%
The temperature range FLIR GF300 can display the image in the temperature range of -40 C ~ +350 C, but there is no temperature measurement function
FLIR GF320: -40 C ~ +350 degrees C degrees
image display
The screen has a built-in widescreen, 4.3 inch LCD, 800 x 480 pixels
The viewfinder is built in and can rotate OLED, 800 * 480 pixels
Automatic image adjustment continuous / manual; based on linear graphs or histograms
Manual image adjustment level / span
Image pattern infrared image, visible light image, high sensitivity mode (HSM)
Measurement and analysis
Point temperature 10
Region temperature 5 input frames, including maximum / minimum / mean value
Line temperature distribution chart 1 real time temperature measuring line (horizontal or vertical)
The temperature difference between the measured values of the temperature difference or the reference temperature.
Manual setting of reference temperature, or obtained by measurement
Emendation correction 0.01-1.0 is adjustable or selected from an editable material table
Measurement and correction of reflection temperature, distance, atmospheric transmittance, humidity, external optical components
Set up
Menu command level, span, automatic continuous adjustment / manual adjustment / semi-automatic adjustment, zoom, palette, start / stop recording, store image, playback / send out image.
A palette of iron, gray, rainbow, Aurora, lava, and high contrast rainbow
Set the command 1 user custom keys, superposition the record mode, localize the unit adjustment, language, date and time format
Image storage
Image storage type can be mobile SD or SDHC memory card, double card slot
Image storage capacity > storage card per GB capacity can be stored more than 1200 pictures (JPEG), and can also be later processed.
Image storage mode infrared / visible image visible light images automatically associate corresponding infrared images.
The regular storage is stored every 10 seconds, and the storage time is 24 hours.
File format standard JPEG, containing 14 bit measurement data
GPS is automatically added to the images through the location data obtained from the built-in GPS
Video recording and video stream
The non radiation infrared video record MPEG4 (the longest 60 minutes per fragment) is recorded to the memory card, and the visible image is automatically associated with the corresponding non radiation infrared video record.
The visible video recording MPEG4 (25 minutes per fragment) is recorded to the memory card
Radiated infrared video streams can be transported to PC by USB or WLAN
Non radiative infrared video stream RTP/MPEG4
Visible video streaming MPEG4 format uses Wi-Fi transmission uncompressed color video to use USB transmission
Digital camera
Built-in digital camera 3 million 200 thousand pixels, auto focus, 2 video lamps
Laser indicator
Laser special button activation
Data communication interface
WLAN iOS uses peer-to-peer (adhoc) connections, and Android uses basic communication systems (networks)
USB USB-A: connects external USB devices (such as memory cards) USB Mini-B: and PC for data exchange
USB, standard USB Mini-B: 2 high speed interface
Video digital video output (image)
power supply system
Battery working hours >3 hours (typical applications when ambient temperature is 25 C)
The start time is usually 7 minutes (25 C temperature)
Battery type rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery voltage 7.2 V
Direct charging system (AC adapter or 12V car charger or two seater charger)
Environmental parameters
Working temperature range - 20 degree C ~ +50 degree C
Storage temperature range - 30 degree C ~ +60 degree C
Humidity (work and storage) IEC 68-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity +25 [+25] C ~ +40 degree C (cycle 2)
EMC EN61000-6-4 (anti radiation)
EN61000-6-2 (anti-interference)
FCC 47 CFR 15 part a (anti radiation)
EN 61 000-4-8, L5
Encapsulation of IP 54 (IEC 60529)
Impact resistance 25 g (IEC 60068-2-29)
Vibration resistance 2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical parameters
Thermograph weight (including lens and battery) 2.48 kg
The weight of the battery is 0.24 kg
Thermal imager size (lens) (long x width x high) 306 x 169 x 161 mm
The three foot mounting standard, "-20
Packaging materials of aluminum and magnesium
TPE thermoplastic elastomer with handle material
Gas detection
Gas - benzene
• ethanol
• ethylbenzene
- heptane hexane
• methanol
• 1- amyl
• toluene
- xylene
- butane
• ethane methane
• ethylene
• propylene
Delivery range
Infrared imager, hard transportation box, battery charger, battery (group two), check certificate, manual, FLIR Tools download software PC CD-ROM, FLIR VideoReportTM, HDMI-DVI PC software CD-ROM line and HDMI-HDMI line, the lens cap (onto the lens), memory card, memory card reader, power supply (including multiple plug), Guide (print), notes (print), registration card, service & training manual, strap, USB cable, CD-ROM Wi-Fi, USB micro user file adapter (depending on the CE and FCC of the relevant provisions of the state radio equipment)